Addresses for everyone

What are plus codes?

A plus code is like a street address for people or places that don't have one.

Plus codes give addresses to everyone, everywhere, allowing them to receive deliveries, access emergency services, register to vote, and are already improving peoples' lives.

A plus code address looks like a regular address, but with a short code where the street name and number would be. These addresses exist for any location, even for places where there are no roads.

What makes plus codes unique?


Plus codes are free. There are no licensing fees or other costs. The technology is open-sourced.

Accessible offline

You don’t need a network connection: Plus codes work whether you are online or offline.

Easy to use

Places that are close to each other have similar plus codes. This makes it easy to work out if you are near to, or far away from your destination.


Plus codes can be printed as a grid on paper, posters, and signs. This makes them useful also for people without access to mobile phones or computers.

Independent of borders

Plus codes work in places that haven’t been mapped. And they don't use country codes so they work in disputed territories.


The “+” symbol in plus codes helps identify them for people and computers, ensuring Google Search and Google Maps recognize them.

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How can plus codes work for you?

I'm an individual

I would like to use plus codes to share my home address and receive services.

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I represent an organization

I would like to use plus codes to coordinate our activities more efficiently.

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I represent a business

I would like to use plus codes to better serve my customers.

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I'm a developer

I would like to include plus codes in my applications.

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