For Businesses

With plus codes you can share the location of your business – even if there is no street or the street has no name. The plus code helps customers and partners find your business without having to rely on landmarks and asking for directions on the way.

Find the plus code for a place


Open the Google Maps app.


Touch and hold a place to drop a pin on Google Maps.


At the bottom, you’ll see an address or a plus code. Tap this section to find all details of the location and copy the plus code.

Share a plus code

You can share a plus code any way you want, a few examples include:

Find a place using plus codes

To search for a place using a plus code, use the plus code like an address.


Open the Google Maps app.


At the top, tap the search box and type the plus code and city.


You can use a plus code with a town or city, such as X4HP+M5 Cairo, or with an area code, such as 7GXHX4HP+M5. When you are near a place, you won’t need to include the area code. For example, you can simply search for X4HP+M5.

X4HP+M5, Cairo, Egypt